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Majid Mohiuddin


Ghazal--"In this is a Sign"

When the clouds threaten a clear sky: in this is a Sign,
When the thought of Him makes you cry: in this is a Sign.

When the twilight's wise haze descends before Maghrib time,
When the sun has set from on high: in this is a Sign.

When will man truly feel how close Allah is to him?
When you hear your own infant cry: in this is a Sign.

When will man remember his true state of helplessness?
When your elders grow sick and die: in this is a Sign.

When you look at the mountains or the smallest of ants,
When you muse how the birds can fly: in this is a Sign.

When you stare at the heavens and see millions of
When a lone streak goes shooting by: in this is a Sign.

Shahzadah like you, is amazed at the world's design,
When we wonder by asking "why?": in this is a Sign.

Majid Mohiuddin
Copyrighted 2000


Ghazal--"O love"

Nature has left me amazed of love, O love--
How numerous are the ways of love, O love!

How does the Spider know how to spin a web?
The same instincts make me crazed of love, O love.

How do Pigeons fly blindly back to their roost?
I'm led to you through this maze of love, O love.

Like the sad Rosebud crying her morning dew,
Fleeting are our youthful days of love, O love.

When a Mare starts to stamp with pangs of birth,
She feels joy since her pain stays of love, O love.

When the Clouds burst forth leaving the earth refreshed,
All of the world weeps in praise of love, O love.

Like the stealth of a Tiger viewing her prey,
How silently I have prayed of love, O love.

In a sky full of stars, I choose you as my Moon,
What more is there to say of love, O love?

Majid Mohiuddin,
Copyrighted 1998


Last updated: May 9, 2004