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ELM Schindler

A Dweller Among The Tulip Beds

I have no grievance with life itself;
Wherefore the mountains stand, and streams flow to---
The infinite vastness of the realm blanketed with stars
Inquiring not the reason for my being
Why ask of which is---can it be changed?
My creator and author of my destiny foretell of my death
Rumi once wrote, "do not talk of what is invisible"
Born with free will, It is the quality I have dominion over
Not the existence of--- my being do I rule?
Half way through my life, reflecting back
All those tears of suffering and shame---
Engraved deep within my heart, scars from the past
Who creates these things which make me weep?
Searching for gold in tar pits, my soul held captive by evil
The warm sands and cool waters placed before me,
Comforting to my soul, I overlooked its sanctity
Demented thoughts overpowering all morals---
Forgotten serenity, replaced by lust and fantasy
Life given to new flesh, born with no sorrows,
It is in our own self-seeking cold hearts we suffer
Creation itself is a miraculous symphony conducted by God,
It is I, which caused the cataclysm in my life.
Quoting Rumi once more I say this with compassion,
"If your face has become saffron pale through death,
Become a dweller among tulip beds and Judas trees"
Flee the tar pits, the gold is not there, seek not among the mire
Look amidst the streams and stars high, towards the heavens
There you will find the omniscience of joy.

©ELM Schindler April 1st 2002


Lessons From Nature

Sitting peacefully in warmth upon a bench,
From nature my lesson to learn arriving
A beetle crawling across the ground,
Towards my feet he made his way
Like a soldier in march, advancing forward
Taking my foot lightly kicking him to the side
Not wanting to kill, but removing from my space
Laying there motionless, terrified to move
Watching for a long time, as if paralyzed he lay
My thoughts determined--- he was not dead
A sense of guilt overwhelming, what did I do?
Some how relating, seeing my life laying before me
How many times have I been kicked aside?
Leaving me full of fear and distrust, afraid to get up
Suddenly feeling a connection, to this living creature
Picking him up, no longer in fear of the unknown
On a nearby bush, upon a leaf I placed gently
With his trust restored, walking away quietly
Then it hit me; life is so much like this---
A need for some one to care enough to help
Lifting us back up, planting our feet firmly once more
Thoughts coming to me, if I had not cared
The next person passing by, could have stepped,
Ending his life as he lay afraid to go on
Even though my pushing him aside, I had not killed
But setting him up for his possible death
Realizing he is not but a bug,
But who am I to end his life---
Am I no better than he is, if I act like this?
Do we just kick others out of our way?
Who are we or what are we, to act with such neglect
Leaving them in their perils, selfishly not caring.

©ELM Schindler April 14th 2002


The Real Hero

Standing boldly in your youth,
The weight of the world upon your shoulders
Confusion and misunderstandings surround
The past generations burden you with,
Hate taught and words used bitterly
With your fists clenched and raised,
Fighting your way through life
Imitating your hero's ---
Standing tall protecting your honor
But who is this adversary you dislike?
Is it really your rival---
Or is it what you have been taught?
When I look into your eyes,
It is not hate I see, but fear of the world
The conflicts before you, are from the past
Afraid that others will think we are weak
But it takes more courage to change---
Than to use the flesh to do harm
It's in your power to stop this cycle of hate,
Your children do not have to suffer
Take the hand of your enemy in peace,
And love will prevail over this evil
Making you the real hero.

© ELM Schindler April 21st 2002


A Ballad of Two Hearts

As I lay here alone with small tears falling from my eyes dreaming---
My thoughts take me to your beauty, my soul a fugitive from pain
Running to you, wanting of, but only a fantasy to comfort my soul
It is not the lust of my heart that wants to embrace you
But of the friendship I have a yearning for--- to become your haven
When you call my name, my presence to be your refuge sought.

My gallant one who whispers softly from a distant land---
Here my voice in your dreams, may you know my wish to be with you
Let my words bring comfort to your broken heart
Feel my soft caress wrapped around you as you sleep quietly
As I light my mulberry candles and read my poetry under the stars---
Know that my heart is there with you always, deep within your spirit.

Awakened to the sweet smells of the rain, a great joy enters
Rising from my slumber looking out over the ocean I hear the echo---
A symphony of seagulls in flight flying over wanting me to escape
Not to drift amidst the clouds, but to sail to your sanctuary
The winds bringing me the scents of soft lavender from your hair
I can taste your aroma, your luscious flesh golden honey from the heavens.

Hear the thunder in the distance my love-- who searches for
It is my heart that you hear; it beats strongly with passion for you
Do not fear the lightning; it is my light showing you the path---
To my heart it will lead you away from the darkness you have known
I will send my mocking birds to your side they will guide you along the way
They sing my words so you may hear my thoughts, and know where to find me.

Walking across the warm white crystal sands my feet bare---
I feel the warmth and softness, falling to my knees--- the emerald waters
The waves crashing against the shore, the roar of my cry it carries to you
At peace my soul brought to by this place of tranquility, but sadness remains
My heart desperately yearning for someone to share my paradise with
To embrace with my love and to cherish forever---my desires held in your heart.

My love, your sweet words composed, the ballads you sing my heart weeps
Under the moonlit skies I will walk with you as one forever in love with
As the ocean breezes blow through my hair-- I will take your hand in honor
My rose lips will kiss you passionately-- holding you tightly in my every thought
Close your eyes and you will know I am there with you, serenity you will find
Walk in your dreams in my arms for alone you are not from this moment on.

Written for a very close friend

© ELM Schindler August 1 2002


Last updated: May 9, 2004