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Ruba'ie #71

A mote am I,
Thou my shining sun;
Of grief I die,
Thou my cure alone.

To Thee I fly
On no wing upborne-
A straw am I
By Thy amber drawn.

Man zarreh -ô- khôrshid leqâ'ie, tô marâ,
Bimâr-e gham-ám, àyen-e davâ'ie, tô marâ.

Bi bâl -ô- par ándar pey-e tô miparam,
Man kâh shûdam, chô kahrûbâ'ie, tô marâ.


Man = I
Zarreh = Mote, particle
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Khôrshid = The Sun
Leqâ' = Countenace, visage, face, Khorshid Leqa is a metaphor for
expressing the greatness and glory of the Beloved.
Tô = You
Marâ = For me
Bimâr = Sick, ill
Gham = Grief, sadness. "ám" at the end of the word is the connected
pronoun meaning "I am".
Àyen = Exact, very
Davâ = Cure
Bi = Come
Bâl = Wing
Par = Feather
Ándar pey = After
Mipar-ám = I fly
Kâh = Straw
Shûd-ám = I become
Chô = Like
Kahrûbâ = Amber






Last updated: May 9, 2004