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Ruba'ie #63

If life be gone, fresh life to you
God offereth,
A life eternal, to renew
This life of death.

The Fount of Immortality
In Love is found;
Then come, and in this boundless sea
Of Love be drowned.

Ghar ômr be-shûd, ômr-e deghar dâd khûdâ,
Ghar ômr-e fanâ namând, nak ômr-e baqâ.

Èshq Âb-e hayât ást, dar in Âb dar-Â,
Har qatreh áz in bahr, hayât-ást jûdâ.


Ghar = If
Ômr = Life
Be-shûd = Is gone, is done, finished
Deghar = Another
Dâd = Gave
Khûdâ = God
Fanâ = Death
Namând = Impermanent,
Nak = Now, behold, lo. It is an abridged form for "Inak".
Baqâ = Eternal, everlasting
Èshq = Love
Âb = Water, Âb-e hayât, "Water of life" is a methaphore in sufi litreture meaning eternal life in its spiritual aspect.
Hayât = Life
Dar = In, by
In = This
Dar-Â = Come
Har = Each, every
Qatreh = Drop
Áz = From
Bahr = Sea
Jûdâ = Separate, but here shows the importance and greatness of a small drop, meaning each drop of this sea is a source of life or a boudless sea.






Last updated: May 9, 2004