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Ruba'ie #51

I saw in a dream
A saki fair,
In his hands the gleam
Of the goblet there.

To his ghost I said:
'As His slave thou art,
In the Master's stead
O receive my heart.'


Dîdam dar khâb Sâqi-e zîbâ râ,
Bar dast gherefteh Sâghar-e Sahbâ' râ.

Ghûftam be kheyâl-ásh ke ghûlâm-e ôu'ie,
Shâyad ke be jây-e khâjeh bâshi mâ râ.


Dîdam = I saw
Dar = In
khâb = Sleep, dream
Sâqi = Cupbearer
Zîbâ = Fair, beautiful
Râ = Particle suffixed to a noun or pronoun as a sign of the definite direct object.
Bar = In
Dast = Hand
Gherefteh = To hold
Sâghar = Cup, Goblet
Sahbâ' = Wine
Ghûftam = I told
Be = To
Kheyâl-ásh = His Dream, his ghost, "ásh" is a connected pronoun here.
Ke = That, which
Ghûlam = Servent
Ôu = He, Ôu'ie here means "his".
Shâyad = Maybe
Jây-e = Instead, stead
Khâjeh = Master
Bâshi = To be
Mâ = Us






Last updated: May 9, 2004