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Ruba'ie #247

Wherever I lay down my head,
There He alone is worshipes;
I humbly kneel before His face,
Fulfiling and transcending space.

The nightingale, the garden fair,
The idol, and the mystic air --
These are but symbols, nothing more:
Him only seek I, and alone.

Bar har jâ-'ie ke sar nah-ám masjôd ôû-st,
Dar shesh jahat -ô- bûrôn-e shesh, ma'bôd ôû-ast.

Bâgh -ô- ghûl -ô- bûlbûl -ô- Samâ' -ô- shâhed,
În-jûmleh bahâneh -ô- hameh maqsôd ôû-st.


Bar = In
Har = Each, every
Jâ-'ie = Place, "'ie" at the end means One
Ke = That, which
Sar = Head, "Sar Nah-ám" to lay down my head. " ám " at the end is the connected pronoun.
Masjôd = Object of prostration, a common metaphor in the Sufi literature for the Beloved.
Ôû-st = "Ôû ast", He Is.
Dar = In
Shesh = Six
Jahat = Direction
Ô = also can be written "va" means and
Bûrôn = Outside
Ma'bôd = Object of worship, a common metaphor in the Sufi literature for the Beloved.
Bâgh = garden
Ghûl = Flower
Bûlbûl = Nightingale
Samâ' = Whirling, the Sufi dance
Shâhed = Idol
În-jûmleh = These all
Bahâneh = Excuse, here symbol
Hameh = All, the whole
Maqsôd = Aim, purpose






Last updated: November 21, 2004