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Ruba'ie #223

Thou are so knitted to thy soul,
That but two days continueth,
It is not possible at all
To speak one word to thee of death.

The soul is seeking an abode;
Death is the sole abode thereof;
Yet, in the middle of the road,
Thy ass it sleeps, and will not move.

Bâ jân-e dô rôzeh tô chenân ghashtî jûft,
Bâ tô sûkhan-e margh nemîshâyad ghûft.

Jân tâleb-e manzel ást -ô- manzel margh ást,
Ámmâ khar-e tô meyâneh-e râh be-khûft.


Bâ = With
Jân = Soul
Dô = Two
Rôzeh = Rôz means Day, "Jân-e dô rôzeh" is a metaphor for the
impermanence body which only lives for a short time.
Tô = You
Chenân = Such
Ghashtî = Have become
Jûft = Companion, knitted
Sûkhan = Word
Margh = Death
Nemîshâyad = Impossible
Ghûft = To say
Tâleb = Seeker, desirous
Manzel = Abode
Ást = Is
Ô = also can be written "va" means and
Ámmâ = But
Khar = Ass
Meyâneh = Middle
Râh = Road
Be-khûft.= Sleep, asleep






Last updated: November 21, 2004