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Ruba'ie #215

This drunkenness of mine
Is of no crimson wine;
My wine doth not pass
Except in passion's glass.

O friend, was it thy will
With me this wine to spill?
The wine that moves my mirth
Was never seen on earth.

În mastî-e man ze bâdeh-e hamrâ' nîst,
V-în bâdeh be jûz dar qadah-e sôdâ nîst.

Tô âmadeh-'ei ke bâdeh-e man rîzî,
Man ân bâsh-ám ke bâdeh-ám peydâ nîst.


În = This
Mastî = Drunkness
Man = Mine
Ze = an abridged form of "Az" means from
Bâdeh = Wine
Hamrâ' = Crimson, red
Nîst = Is not
V-în = "Va In", and this ...
Be jûz = Except
Dar = In, inside
Qadah = Cup, glass,
Sôdâ = Passion
Tô = You
Âmadeh-'ei = You have come, "ei" at the end is the connected pronoun.
Ke = That, which
Rîzî = To pure
Ân bâsh-ám = I will be, here means: I am the one ...
Peydâ = Visible, apparent






Last updated: November 21, 2004