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Ruba'ie #205

This heaven, and these skies,
The farthest boundary of mine eyes,
In the controlling hands of God
Are lighter than a rod.

Each raindrop, every grain,
Though it be a leviathan,
Sum up the whole, and it shall be
A fish within God's sea.

În charkh -ô- falak-hâ ke had-e bînesh-e mâ-st,
Dar dast-e tasarrûf-e khûdâ kam ze 'asâ-st.

Har zarreh -ô- qatreh ghar nahanghî ghardad,
Ân-jûmleh methâl-e mâhi'îe dar daryâ-st.


În = This
Charkh = Heaven
Ô = also can be written "va" means and
Falak-hâ = "hâ" is the plural sign. Sky, heavenly-sphere
Ke = Which, that
Had = Boundary
Bînesh = Insight
Mâ-st = Our
Dar = In
Dast = Hand
Tasarrûf = Possession, here means to control
Khûdâ =God
Kam = Less
Ze = "Áz", from
'Ásâ = Rod, Cane
Har = Each, every
Zarreh = Particle, grain
Qatreh = Drop
Ghar = If
Nahangh = Whale
Ghardad = Become
Jûmleh = Whole
Methâl = Example, likeness
Mâhî'ie = A fish
Dar = In, within
Daryâ = Sea






Last updated: May 9, 2004