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Persian with RUMI

Ruba'ie #189

O thou who sittest in my heart,
'Tis time to rest, and not depart;
O thou who breakest every vow,
'Tis time to break another now.

Lo, in thy glass the crimson wine
With such a rosy glow doth shine
That, like a rose, 'tis time to pass
From hand to hand the wine-bright glass.

Èy dar del-e man neshasteh, shûd vaqt-e neshast,
Èy tôbeh shekan, resîd henghâm-e shekast.

Ân bâdeh-e ghûl-rangh, chûnîn ranghî bast,
Vaqt ást ke chôn ghûl beravad dast be dast.


Èy = Lo! O'thou!
Dar =In
Del = Heart
Man = My
Neshasteh = Has sat
Shûd = It became
Vaqt = The time
Neshast = Rest, quietness
Tôbeh shekan = Vow-breaker
Resîd = It came
Henghâm = The time
Shekast = Break
Ân = That
Bâdeh = Wine
Ghûl-rangh = Crimson
Chûnîn = Such a ...
Rangh = Colour
Vaqt = Time
Ást = Is
Ke = Which, that
Chôn = Like
Ghûl = Flower
Beravad = Passes
Dast be dast = Hand to hand






Last updated: May 9, 2004