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Ruba'ie #175

Bu just: confess
In love is ample righteousness;
The fault lies in
Thyself, that thou art prone to sin.

If thou dost claim
For human lust Love's holy name,
Then know, and prove
The way is far from lust to Love.

Ènsâf bedeh ke èshq nikôkâr ást,
Zân-ást khelal ke tab' bad kerdâr ást.

Tô shahvat-e khish râ laqab èshq nahai,
Áz shahvat tâ èshq rah besyâr ást.


Ènsâf bedeh = Be fair, be just
Ke = That, which
Èshq = Love
Nikôkâr =Righteous
Ást = Is
Zân-ást = Originally was "Áz Ân", means lies in
Khelal = Fault, disorder, flaw
Tab' = Nature, here means yourself
Bad Kerdâr = Wicked
Tô = You
Shahvat = Passion, lust
Khish = Your
Râ = Particle suffixed to a noun or pronoun as a sign of the definite
direct object.
Laqab nahi = You name, you call, claim
Áz = From
Tâ = Till
Rah besyâr ást = It is an expression for something far from reach.






Last updated: May 9, 2004