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Ruba'ie #167

To-night the phantom gay
All radiant with glee,
Sought in my body's clay
For where my heart might be.

He failed to find it there;
So, with unerring art,
His dagger he did bare
And plunged it in my heart.

Èmshab âmad khiyâl-e ân delbar-e chûst,
Dar khâneh-ye tan maqâm-e del râ mijûst.

Del râ chô biyâft, zôd khanjar bekeshid,
Zad bar del-e man ke dast -ô- bâzô-sh dûrûst.


Èmshab = Tonight
Âmad = Came
Khiyâl = Phantom
Ân = That
Delbar = Sweetheart, beloved
Chûst = Nimble, agile
Dar = In
Khâneh = House, place
Tan = Body
Maqâm =
Del = Heart
Râ = Particle suffixed to a noun or pronoun as a sign of the definite
direct object.
Mijûst = Was seeking, was looking for, sought
Chô = When, as, since
Biyâft = Found
Zôd = Soon
Khanjar = Dagger
Bekeshid = Drew
Zad = Plunged
Bar = Into
Man = My
Ke = That, which
Dast = Hand
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Bâzô-sh = His arm
Dûrûst = Sound, right,
"Dast -ô- Bâzô-sh Dûrûst" is an expression here for appreciation
and praising someone for doing something right.






Last updated: May 9, 2004