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Persian with RUMI

Ruba'ie #158

THERE lies a desert
Past faith and infidelity
In whose broad spaces
My weary heart is fain to be.

Who cometh thither
In peace at last he slumbereth,
For there abideth
Nor infidelity, nor faith.

Áz kûfr -ô- ze Islâm bûrôn sahrâ'ie-st,
Mâ râ be mîyân-e ân fazâ sôdâ'ie-st.

Âref chô be-dân resîd sar râ benahad,
Na kûfr -ô- na Islâm -ô- na Ânjâ jâ'ie-st.


Áz = From
Kûfr = Infidelity
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Ze = an abridges form of "Áz", means from
Islâm = Here means Faith, Islam is one of the three monotheist
religions in the world, also means surrender
Bûrôn = Beyond
Sahrâ'ie-st = There is a desert.
Mâ râ = For us
Be = To, for
Mîyân = Inside, middle
Ân = That
Fazâ = Space
Sôdâ= Passion, desire,
Âref = Mystic, Sufi
Chô = When, as, since
Be-dân = Thither
Resîd = Reached, came
Sar Benahad = To submitt the Head. This is a methaphore for leaving
Wisdom and Knowledge behind as the seeker enters the path of Love.
Râ = Particle suffixed to a noun or pronoun as a sign of the definite
direct object.
Na = No
Ânjâ = There
Jâ = Place.






Last updated: May 9, 2004