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Ruba'ie #143

He whose beauty fair
Moves angels to amaze
Came at morning air
Upon my heart to gaze.

Tears upon my sighs
He wept, till morn arose,
Calling in surprise
'Who loveth whom of those?'

Ân-kás ke be rôy-e khôb-e ôu rashgh-e parî-st,
Âmad saharî -ô- bar del-e man negharîst.

Ôu gheryeh -ô- man gheryeh ke tâ âmad sûbh,
Pûrsîd káz în har dô ájab âsheq kîst?


Ân-kas = The one
Ke = That, which
Be =To
Rôy = Face
khôb = Fair, nice
Ôu = He/she
Rashgh = Envy, jealousy
Parî-st = Angle, "st" is an abridged form os "ást" means Is.
Âmad =Came, arose
Sahar = Morning
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Bar = Upon
Del = Heart
Man = I, "del-e man" means My heart.
Negharîst = Gazed
Gheryeh = Weeping, tear, crying
Tâ = Till
Sûbh = Morning
Pûrsîd = Asked
Káz = Originally it was "Ke Áz" means "from which".
In = This
Har = Each, any
Dô = Two
Ájab = Surprise
Âsheq = Lover
Kîst? = Who is..?






Last updated: May 9, 2004