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Ruba'ie #133

When the soul doth smart,
And can the same rehearse,
Singing from the heart
Shall all its grief disperse.

See, the wondrous rose
That in my heart doth bloom,
Never hue it shows,
Nor hides its sweet perfume.

Ân râ ke gami bâshad -ô- ghûft,
Ghar áz del-e khôd be-ghûft betvânad rûft.

In tarfeh ghûli neghar ke mâ râ beshekûft,
Ná rangh tavân nahûft -ô- ná bôy nahûft.


Ân = The One, refers to a particular person.
Râ = Particle suffixed to a noun or pronoun as a sign of the definite
direct object.
Ke = That, which
Gami = Sorrow, grief
Bâshad = Form of the verb "to be" means "has", here it means "is".
One who IS sad.
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Ghûft = Said, told, rehearse
Ghar = If
Áz = From
Del = Heart
Khôd = His/her
Be-ghûft = the abbreviated form of Goft.
Betvânad = Can, to be able
Rûft = Disperse
In = This
Tarfeh = Wonderous
Ghûli = Flower
Neghar = Look, see
Mâ râ = For us
Beshekûft = Bloom
Ná = No
Rangh = Hue, color
Tavân = Could
Nahûft = Hidden
Bôy = Fragrance






Last updated: May 9, 2004