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Ruba'ie #128

What is this thing
That in the form does pleasure bring,
But when the form this same shall lack
'Tis blurres and black?

This thing anon
Is hidden from the form, and gone;
Then strikes from the infinities
The form to seize.

Ân chist ke lezzat ást áz ôu dar sôrat?
Vân chist ke bi ôu-st mûkaddar sôrat?

Yek lahzeh nahân shavad ze sôrat ân chiz,
Yek lahzeh ze lâ-makân zanad bar sôrat.


Ân = That
Chi-st = Abbrivated form of "Chi Ást" means what is this?
Ke = That, which
Lezzat = Pleasure, delight
Ást = Is
Áz = From
Ôu = He/she
Dar = In
Sôrat = Form, feature, appearance
Vân = Abbriviated form of "Va Ân", means "and that"...
Bi = Without
Mûkaddar = Blur, black
Yek Lahzeh = One moment
Nahân = Hidden
Shavad = It becomes
Ze = the abbraviated form of "Áz" means from, of
Chiz = Thing
Lâ-makân = Infinite
Zanad = Strikes
Bar = To, by, over






Last updated: May 9, 2004