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Ruba'ie #119

The lovely boy
Who was our circle's joy
Hath quit our mysteries;
I know not where he is.

A cypress tall
Is he, stately withal;
Whose stature gracious
Such riot woke in us.

Ân bût ke jamâl -ô- zinat-e majles-e mâst,
Dar majles-e mâ nist, nadânim kûjâ-st.

Sarvi-st bûland -ô- qâmati dârad râst,
Káz qâmat-e ôu qiyâmat áz mâ barkhâst.


Ân = That
Bût = Idol
Ke = Which
Jamâl = Beauty, charm
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Zinat = Ornament
Majles = Gathering, circle
Mâ-st = Us, "st" is the abbreviated form of "Ást". Ást means Is.
Dar = In
Nist = It is Not, the negative form of the "To Be" verb.
Nadânim = We don't know
Kûjâ-st = Where it is.
Sarv = Cypress
Bûland = Tall, Withal
Qâmati = Stature
Dârad = It has
Râst = Straight
Káz = Originally it was "Ke Áz" means "from which".
Ôu = He/She, here sits as a possessive pronoun, his/her
Qiyâmat = Riot, tumult
Áz = From
Barkhâst = Rose






Last updated: May 9, 2004