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Ruba'ie #115

Yea, idol fair;
Too small pretext was there,
Till sleep came down
And stole thee from thy own.

O softly sleep;
But I, till dawn shall peep,
With ceaseless sighs
Will mourn thy sleep-stained eyes.


Âri sanamâ bahâneh khôd kam bôd-át,
Tâ khâb biyâmad -ô- ze mâ berbôd-át.

Khôsh khôsb ke man tâ be sahar khâham ghuft,
Faryâd ze narghesân-e khâb-âlôd-át.


Âri = Yes
Sanam = Idol
Bahâneh = Excuse, pretext
Khôd = Self
Kam = Few
Bôd-át = You had, "át" at the end is the connected pronoun, singular second person
Tâ = Till
Khâb = Sleep
Biyâmad = Came down
Ô = also can be written "va" means and.
Ze = From
Mâ = Us
Berbôd = Stole
Khôsh = Sweet, happy
Khôsb = Sleep
Ke = That
Man = I
Sahar = Dawn
Khâham ghuft = I will say
Faryâd = Crying, here means mourning
Narghes-ân = Narcissus, Narghesan is a metaphore for beautiful,
drunkard eyes.
Khâb-âlôd = Sleep stained






Last updated: May 9, 2004