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Ruba'ie #110

Such as uncumbered be,
In my mystic ecstasy
This night in secret dwell
With Him they love so well.

Rise up and leave us, then,
O being alien!
Strangers would bring distress
in this night's blessedness.

Mastand mojarrad-ân-e ásrâr emshab,
Dar pardeh neshasteh-ánd bâ yâr emshab.

Èy hasti-e bighâneh áz in rah barkhiz,
Zahmat bâshad bôdan-e ághyâr emshab.


Mast-ánd = Drunkard, together means "They are Drunkard", "ánd" is
the connected pronoun, third person plural.
Mojarrad-ân = Incorporeal, "ân" is the plural sign.
Ásrâr = Mysteries
Emshab = Tonight
Dar = In
Pardeh = Curtain, veil, here it is a metaphore for the divine secret
Neshasteh = Dwell
Bâ = With
Yâr = Freind, here means Beloved, God
Èy = O'thou, lo
Hasti = Being, existence
Bighâneh = Strenger, alien
Áz = From, of
In = This
Rah = Path, way. Rah is the abridged form of Râh.
Barkhiz = Rise up
Zahmat = Trouble, "Zahmat Bâshad" means It is inconvenient
Bôdan = To be, to exist
Ághyâr = Strengers






Last updated: May 9, 2004