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{ Ascension: Persian Symphonic Recitation from Khayyam to Rumi

{ Sufi Meditation Song

{ Allah Hoo by Nusrat Fateh

{ Suite Khamush Track 1 by C. Dixon & E. Causse

{ Mevlevi Sufi Music

{ Radio Darvish

{ Information on Music Classes in London




{ Further listening:

Devotional Songs by Nusrat Fateh Khan
A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi
Sufi Music of Turkey, Kudsi & Suleyman Erguner
Rough Guide to Sufi Music, Sabri Brothers
Ascension: Symphonic Recitation: from Khayyam to Rumi

When Days Have No Nights (The Songs of Rumi Music by Mischa), Mischa Rutenberg
On Through Eternity: Homage to Molavi, Shahram Nazeri, Audio CD (October 26, 1999)
When Days Have No Nights (The Songs of Rumi Music by Mischa) Mischa Rutenberg
Breeze at Dawn: Poems of Rumi in Song Dale Zola

Song of the Sun
: The Life, Poetry, and Teachings of Rumi by Andrew Harvey (Audio Cassette -1999)

Light upon Light : Inspirations from Rumi by Andrew Harvey (Reader),(Audio Cassette)
The Way of Passion : A Celebration of Rumi by Andrew Harvey (Reader) (Audio Cassette -1998)
Tribute to Rumi performed live at the Rumi Festival in Toronto, Canada in 1999, Coleman Barks
I Want Burning
: The Ecstatic World of Rumi, Hafiz, and Lalla - Coleman Barks (Editor); Audio CD
Rumi - Voice of Longing -- Coleman Barks; Audio Cassette
Sacred Poetry : Poems of Rumi, the Enlightened Heart, Poems of Kabir - S. Mitchell (Reader), et al; Audio Cassette
Koorosh Angali Recites Rumi, October 29, 1997
Journeys of a Dervish
: Mercan Dede, Audio CD (June 15, 1999)
Sufi Dreams, Mercan Dede, Audio CD (August 24, 1999)
Mystical Garden, Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Whirling,Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Audio CD (September 13, 1994)
Whirling Dervishes of Damascus, Sheikh Hamza Shakkur, The Al-Kindi Ensemble, Audio CD, 2000
Sufi Chants From Cairo, La Confrerie Chadhiliyya


Last updated: October 10, 2004