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{ Rumi in the Media

Giving the dervish a whirl, by Peter Culshaw Saturday December 1, 2001, The Guardian
Madonna loves a whirling Dervish
The Guardian, 02/15/99
Rumi-nations on Mystical Poetry Verses of Godly Devotion Become Popular Language of Love Los Angeles Times, Saturday, June 20, 1998
Persian Poet Top Seller In America, Christian Science Monitor, Tuesday November 25, 1997 Edition
Article on Coleman Barks in salon.com
Mystic's poetry of love finds favor in the West
, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Nov. 4, 2001.

Coleman Barks Interview, Yoga Journal

{ Poetry Links

Dar al Masnavi
Mathnawi translated by E.H. Whinfield, 1898
The Essense of Rumi
Song of the Reed
Translations from Mathnavi
More Poems by  Rumi
Poems from Rumi
Translations from Divan-e Shams
RUMI  poems by Shiva
Translations by Khalili
Sufi Electronic Books
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Translations of Rumi
Some Poems from Rumi
Selections from the Poetry of Rumi
Quotations from Rumi
More Quotations
Lyrical Poems of Rumi - Concordance
Life of Rumi
Descendants of Rumi
Rumi and the Mevleviye
Reflections on Rumi
A Tribute to Rumi
Further Links on Rumi
Rumi in Polish
Rumi in Russian  

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Geoff Tims
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Rumi Courses in LA
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{ Rumi, Sufi Art

Rima Farah
Carolinda Tolstoy
Art Hafez

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Sufism and Rumi
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Library of Sufis
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Life of Rumi and Shams
Sufism Journal
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Sufism in UK
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